What a Father should be. Dr. Michael McGuire by Nikki Gloom

My Father

In life when your born, there should be a man in your world, that you should look up to and idolize and admire. It should be a Father. My Father, Dr Michael D McGuire was that man. He was born into a richly cultured family during the Great Depression and rose up to be one of the most prolific psychiatrists of his time, in the field of adopted adolescent psychiatry. He practiced in many hospitals across the country. Always patient, kind, taking time, making sure patients were treated with the best care, respect and love. He was always thinking, finding ways to solve issues, a quiet studious man into the night, he would read always loving life and the medical profession. He dedicated his life to people in the world helping adopted kids and working with them to help them get their lives in the right direction. This man never complained, often was shy, downplayed loads of his achievements, and had three marriages with 3 different wonderful women, adopted and natural kids from all three. Dr Michael McGuire was a force to be reckoned with in the psychiatric profession doing what he loved the most. He will be missed, loved and never forgotten as one of the most adored doctors of today. He passed on today March, 20, 2013.Image